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How BitPropertyFund Works

BitPropertyFund is dedicated to investing in a profiting from real estate in our ASSET BACKED CRYPTOCURRENCY.

BitPropertyFund is the world's first international real-estate backed cryptocurrency.


Enables you to hold a real estate backed cryptocurrency.

Our Cryptocurrency is based on the asset value in the portfolio, as the developments progress and as valuations grow, so does the value of your investment,


How It Works

The Currency

Our Cryptocurrency is based on hard-core assets, Real Estate and only Real Estate. The valuation is set for now at $1 to 1 BPFShare, just like Bitcoin there is a limited number of BPFShares and their asset value will be published and updated regularly, as the asset grows so does your investment, but considering we also pay interest and there will be dispersal of profit from sales and rental income, we expect the BPFShares to trade above their asset value.

The Property

If you want to see the development and acquisitions simply shoot us an email and we will send you the information.

How do I Sell

You can sell, trade or store BPFShares the same as you do with Bitcoin.

The Benefits

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Founders receive special benefits and discounted pricing.

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